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LaunchIT At-a-Glance
Global Multi-Tenant Scale & Security

Meet demand on a global scale with LaunchIT’s multitenancy design, a highly secure, automated, available, and resilient multi-region hosting and management platform.


Security first, and always. The LaunchIT platform includes automated security beyond NIST 800-53 (rev 5), for a smoother build experience and greater trust for your customers.

Continuous Compliance

LaunchIT’s continuous compliance to FedRAMP controls eliminates drift from security policies, meeting regulation requirements and ensuring you can operate in confidence.

SaaS Marketplace Automation

Save time, reduce errors, and cut costs with LaunchIT, which enables you to automate trials, subscriptions, and deployments to your customers.

SaaS Subscription Management

Manage and support your subscribers from your LaunchIT Console. Your subscribers manage their accounts, renewals, and payments from their own LaunchIT Dashboard.

SaaS Performance Monitoring

Monitor the performance and utilization of your SaaS from the LaunchIT Console, with access to reports to analyze and diagnose performance.