Zero-Friction, Secure SaaS Delivery

NXT1 LaunchIT Features

The Comprehensive Platform for Secure SaaS Deployment and Operations

Secure SaaS is just the beginning of the story.
LaunchIT accelerates product deployment and management – and, your business.

Introducing the world’s first 100% serverless, cloud-native SecDevOps development platform. FedRamp compliance-ready out of the box, LaunchIT offers the fastest time to revenue whether you’re launching a new SaaS product or migrating from legacy on-premises software.

The NXT1 LaunchIT Platform

Simplify SaaS product launch and management with the engineered and preconfigured, secure, cloud-native development environment.

SaaS Security

LaunchIT includes automated security beyond NIST 800-53 (rev 5) and continuous compliance automation (CCA), to FedRAMP controls to eliminate drift from security policies.


• Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture​

• Automated SecDevOps

• Preemptive threat detection

• Identity First with Zero-Trust at its core

• Encryption everywhere

• 100% policy-driven

SaaS Infrastructure Management

LaunchIT is designed to be a highly secure, automated, available, and resilient multi-region development platform that securely deploys and autonomously manages cloud-native serverless infrastructure globally to AWS best practices.

• Multi-account, multi-region

• Infrastructure as code

• Backup, failover, recover – globally

• Automated creation, management

CI/CD Pipeline

LaunchIT shifts left security with continuously integrated tests that maintain strict adherence to security policy prior to deployment of any changes.

• Create, develop, and deploy SaaS products from LaunchIT’s managed repo service or your GitHub repos​

• Secure deployments, including config policy, secrets management, IaC validation, code, DAST, and vuln scanning​

• Automated CI/CD, extended to software and infrastructure deployment

• Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) provides a unified view to streamline the planning, implementation, and monitoring of your application’s service delivery

• Total observability and performance monitoring for zero blind spots

SaaS Compliance

Launch your SaaS, ready to be compliant & maintain FedRAMP authorization without the time consuming and expensive re-work, documentation and continuous monitoring.


• Day 1 compliance to US government FedRAMP standards

• Continuous compliance automation – automated SecDevOps CI/CD pipeline and security operations are policy-driven, and engineered to continuously maintain security compliance

• No drift policy-based compliance does not allow non-compliant deployments and continuously monitors and alerts against any issues.

SaaS Application & Security Operations

• SaaS performance monitoring

• SaaS infrastructure monitoring

• The MDR SOC service combines both human managed and system automated detection and response capabilities

• Continuous log analysis and cloud-native integrated tooling for both east-west and north-south traffic

• Can be used by internal or 3rd party SOC staff

SaaS Subscription Management

The LaunchIT Dashboard provides a simple, flexible, and secure experience to create accounts, subscribe to services, deploy & monitor services in your accounts, make changes, and pay for services used.

• SaaS Subscriber transaction processing & automated renewals​

• SaaS Subscriber term management

Ecommerce and Marketplaces

• Marketplace management and automated deployment

• Subscriber provisioning

• Secure access

• Support

• Continuous audit and monitoring

Optional Services

Meet compliance requirements and augment your in-house resources capabilities with a full range of business services.


• SaaS helpdesk​

• Presales engineering

• Marketing and opportunity support

XSOC Corp.

XSOC chose NXT1 LaunchIT because we need to offer SaaS that is both globally available and strictly compliant with all of our customers’ regulatory frameworks. We’re very excited to be able to manage customer subscriptions and scale our services without requiring teams of additional resources. LaunchIT is a key component in our strategy for revenue growth.

-Richard Blech, Founder & CEO, XSOC CORP

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