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LaunchIT: Secure Platform for SaaS Deployment and Management

Build software for your customer projects faster, more securely, and at lower cost with the secure SaaS developer’s platform, NXT1 LaunchIT.

Scale your business with the only platform that offers enterprise-grade SaaS deployment and management in a few clicks, while providing government-level security and FedRAMP-readiness, out of the box. Go from code or containers to published SaaS in 15 minutes.


Custom Software Development, Deployment and Management – SaaS, Simplified.

Time to market and low operational expenses are critical for your clients’ success, and they look to you not just for the development of business-supporting application features, but they depend on you to help them win.


NXT1 LaunchIT enables your team to remain laser focused on building software for your clients without the overhead of designing, implementing, and securing your architecture; and with the simplified operations that either you or your customers can manage efficiently once deployed.  Reducing the time and expense to design, build and test, accelerates the success of your projects, minimizes your risk, improves profitability and customer satisfaction.


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Put security at the heart of your SaaS solution.

Security and compliance are critical requirements for the public sector market and differentiators for your SaaS in crowded enterprise markets.

The LaunchIT Platform is a layered security architecture and automated deployment model that leverages the power of cloud-native zero trust capabilities – security, code integration, code deployment, compliance, and operations are engineered to continuously maintain policies that meet and exceed government standards.

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Continuous Compliance Automation (CCA).

The LaunchIT subscription includes the required continuous monitoring, auditing, and reporting to maintain FedRAMP ATO, dramatically decreasing the level of effort to achieve and maintain compliance for your organization.

LaunchIT’s automated SecDevOps CI/CD pipeline and security operations are policy driven and engineered to continuously maintain security compliance.

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Startup to legacy, LaunchIT helps you win – faster.

LaunchIT empowers you to offer compliant, innovative SaaS technology to your government customers in months, not years, and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Whether you are launching a new SaaS product, expanding your current SaaS product into new markets, or transitioning legacy on-premises solutions to the cloud, LaunchIT is purpose-built to accelerate your time to revenue for government software sales and reduce your overall costs.

LaunchIT is coming soon! Join our Beta program today »

LaunchIT Impacts

Build with confidence and speed.
Eliminate friction.
Build with confidence and speed.
Eliminate friction.
Build with confidence and speed.
Eliminate friction.
XSOC Corp.

XSOC chose NXT1 LaunchIT because we need to offer SaaS that is both globally available and strictly compliant with all of our customers’ regulatory frameworks. We’re very excited to be able to manage customer subscriptions and scale our services without requiring teams of additional resources. LaunchIT is a key component in our strategy for revenue growth.

-Richard Blech, Founder & CEO, XSOC CORP

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